Going Beyond Academia: Challenges of Engaged Research

CSSGJ PG workshop 5 June BI was one of the workshop organisers with Vera Weghmann, Katia Valenzuela Fuentes, and Jonathan Mansell Going Beyond Academia: Challenges of Engaged Research, organised on 5th June 2015, hosted by the Centre for the Study of Social and Global Justice (CSSGJ). Introductory Talk: Dr Ana Cecilia Dinerstein. The workshop was designed to be an opportunity for scholars involved in social justice and critical research to share their experiences and engage in a collaborative dialogue with other scholars and activists. The aim of this workshop was to learn from each other by reflecting together on ethics and spaces of knowledge production as well as through collective thinking about concrete ideas, methodologies and methods that are useful to social movements and progressive struggles. Three themes were organised for five concurrently-run sessions: The Politics of Knowledge Production and the Contested Field of Academia, Methodological Challenges in Engaged Research, The Researcher’s Political Engagement and Concrete Contributions to Struggles for Social Justice.

Some of the other responsibilities are given below:

  • Prepared workshop programme (themes, methods etc.)
  • Disseminated invitations via email and liaised with the attendants
  • Managed the budget, liaised with attendants regarding their expenses
  • Booked conference rooms and accommodation
  • Arranged the lunch and post-workshop dinner (60+ people)
  • Contacted staff to run sessions
  • Generated and presented the opening and welcome talk
  • Writing the Workshop Report.