Politics without Borders

Politics without BordersConference Organiser, Politics without Borders, 2nd the University of Nottingham Postgraduate Conference, organised in June 2014. Keynote speaker: Prof Gerry Stoker. I organised this post-graduate conference with seven other colleagues from the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Nottingham. There were four sections at the conference as follows: Political Theory and Ideology, International Relations, British Politics, and International Political Economy. I organised four panels for the International Political Economy section with another colleague. There were approximately thirty submissions and we chose sixteen papers to form four panels of four papers not only by acknowledging their relevance to the conference theme but also by shaping four inter-related panels. I took on the responsibility of handling all issues that arose within the section. There were six non-UK based papers due to part of our selection process criteria being that we wanted to ensure we maintained a balance between papers from developed and underdeveloped countries in selecting the papers. I liaised with the University’s admission office regarding visa letter which I then sent to the individuals that needed one. Unfortunately, five of them had to cancel their flights due to visa problems. As a result of this, I continuously updated the section programme several times, including one UK-based paper cancellation. In the end, three sections (IPE, IR, BP) formed a joint-session.

Some of the other responsibilities are given below:

  • Organised the International Political Economy (IPE) panels,
    • Prepared the CfP
    • Sorted papers
    • Timetabled sessions and found chairs
    • Found appropriate rooms
    • Finalised the conference programme
  • Secured conference funding with applications to various research centres and liaised about funding issues with them
  • Managed the budget, liaising with attendants regarding their expenses
  • Liaised with the keynote speaker
  • Booked conference rooms and accommodation for guests
  • Arranged the lunch (60+ people)
  • Arranged the post-conference dinner (50+ people)
  • Contacted staff to run sessions during the Methods Workshop