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  • 2018 ‘The UK-Turkey Relations after Brexit’ in M. Ercan (ed) Turkish Foreign Policy in the 21st Century: Global and Regional PowersEfe Akademi (in Turkish).
  • (Forthcoming in 2020) ‘The International Political Economy of Urbanisation, Education, and Mass Media: Ideology, Class Struggle, and Relationality’ in F. Yalvaç and Y. Erçandırlı (eds) International Political Economy: Critical Approaches, target publisher: İmge, İletisim, or Siyasal (in Turkish).
  • (Forthcoming in 2020‘Political Islam and the Concept of Alternatives to Capitalism’ in A. Fishwick and N. J. Kiersey (eds) Crisis and Hope in the End(ings) of Capitalism, Pluto Press.

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  • 2016 Minarets and Golden Arches: State, Capital and Resistance in Neoliberal Turkey. PhD Thesis, The University of Nottingham (see on BL EThOS).
  • 2011 The Role of International Monetary Fund as an Apparatus of Hegemonic World Order A Neo-Gramscian Approach to the Neoliberal Transformation of Turkey. MA Thesis, The University of Sheffield.