Sample Testimonies from Research Reports

  • Sample Examiner Testimonies from Viva-voce Report:
    • There is a great deal to admire in this ambitious and learned thesis. The thesis is well structured, well researched, and the scholarship is impressive. The writing is sophisticated and the discussion is tightly argued. The thesis is clearly written with succinct summaries of key assumptions and statements of what lies ahead that have made the dissertation a pleasure to read.  It is free from any mistakes. The candidate does well to pull the different themes together in a logical manner that exhibits the strengths of the research and explains why GHM [Gramscian Historical Materialism] was chosen in order to explain three case studies”.
    • … the thesis is original, complex and challenging. It lays the foundations for some journal articles, book chapters and a monograph as a result of this research outcome”.
    • … the thesis makes a clear contribution to existing knowledge in the way it analyses the political economy of governance in Turkey today. … The way the thesis is presented is very good. There are no language mistakes. The bibliography is professional”.
  • Comments from Reviewers/Readers:
    • A great corrective to the claim that Gezi was just a middle class, secularist, movement. Really brings out the significance of working class agency” (source).
    • Amazing. To see such an account” (source).