I have been teaching various modules in politics, international relations, sociology, and history (both as the module leader and as a member of the team) at HE institutions in the UK and Turkey since 2013. My teaching is based on rigorous research and constructed around a variety of teaching and seminar techniques. I do not rely on only textbooks in my teaching, I also provide a wide range of primary resources to my students and I support students’ critical thinking by initiating, supervising and assessing student projects. Moreover, I use social media (e.g., Twitter, YouTube, blogs) to assist the student’s learning. I aim to enhance my institutions’ teaching profile worldwide by providing high-quality teaching consistently.

You can check my teaching training record and some sample testimonies from teaching reports.

I also supervise MA students since 2017, please check my supervision record.

Please see a list of modules that I taught so far below:

  • International Relations
    • Historical Sociology of International Relations
    • International Political Economy
    • International Political Sociology
    • International Political Thought
    • Globalisation and the Nation-State
    • Understanding Global Politics
  • Political Theory
    • History of Political Thought I-II
    • Contemporary Political Thought 
    • The State and Civil Society
    • Theories of Political Ideologies
    • Introduction to Politics
    • Political Ideas in Conflict
  • MENA Politics
    • History of Constitutionalism in Turkey
    • History of Administration in Turkey