Sample Testimonies from Teaching Reports

  • Sample Student Testimonies from SET Questionnaires:
    • Very structured and clear” – Political Ideas in Conflict.
    • Use of videos and social media to support each seminar”; “His enthusiasm and approachability also his knowledge of the subject” [was the most effective about his teaching] – Understanding Global Politics.
    • Good variety of teaching methods” – Understanding Global Politics.
    • Varied, lively and energetic” – Understanding Global Politics.
  • Sample Peer Testimonies from Peer-review Observation on Teaching Reports:
    • The session was well attended. It was well structured and organised. Gorkem broke the session up by employing a short video clip. This explained Marx’s theory of exploitation very well. He also used a number of short extracts from Marx’s writings, with related questions. Students were broken into smaller groups and asked to discuss the meaning of a number of Marx’s core concepts, before reporting back. This device worked well. The students were involved and left happy at the end of the session”.